Real Name: Norab

Aliases: James Veneer

Occupation: CEO and Founder of the Munsito Corporation.

Known Relatives: Not Admissible.

Affiliations: Munsinto Corporation, Beast, Bloodsplatter, Orion Paxton.

Enemies: Shadow Lady.

Base of Operation: East Gateway City

First appearance: SONJA DAYE: SHADOW LADY #1

History: Veneer is the product of a mass-breeding program that deemed birthing to be too slow of a process for military conquest. On Earth, the advance scout known as James Veneer wears a disguise to conceal his true form, that of a giant lizard from a planet outside the Sol system. He carries an inhaler that pumps an unknown mist into his lungs in order for him to survive in Earth's atmosphere.

Powers & Weapons: Veneer uses numerous toxic-based products, devices, and weapons to exterminate Humanity. His primary mission is to take over the planet and make it suitable for re-population of his own species. His first target being East Gateway City.

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