Real name: Keiron Pryce

Occupation: Professional Criminal

Group Affiliation: The Dawg Pound

Base of Operations: East Gateway City

Known Relatives: Marvin, father. Bonita, mother. Datheia, half-sister.

First appearance: BEWARE OF THE GUARDDOG #1

History: Keiron Pryce used to be a comic book fan, until he realized that the villains he rooted for was never going to win. After Craig Torrey, his girlfriend Cassandra's younger brother, was imprisoned for burglary, he broke into her brother's room. When he found the Blackdawg costume, and a box of old calling cards, it inspired him to become the new Blackdawg.

Powers & Weapons: Blackdawg has no super human powers, however he is a skilled combatant, herbalist and strategist. Blackdawg is usually armed with a sledgehammer, blade or a gun.

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