Real name: Brandon Cho

Aliases: Flashlight

Occupation: Caterer.

Known Relatives: Victor(father), Juliana, mother), Mark(brother)

Affiliations: Maximum Justice

Enemies: Kadmos Corporation, Achilles Prey, Black Death, Blackout, Warchild, Warmonger.

Base of Operations: East Gateway City

Known Relatives: Clyde, father. Margaret, mother.

Modern Appearance: GREEN LIGHT #1

History: After his first attempt as Green Light, he altered his physiology to give himself superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability. He is vague about the origins of his abilities, possibly metahuman, or some form of alien technology. Time will tell.

Powers & Weapons: Green Light can augment his natural abilities to superhuman strength and endurance, and is incredibly durable and resistant to injury. His superhuman constitution can withstand extreme temperature and pressure variations. He is nearly tireless. He can live without nourishment for several weeks and survive in the vacuum of space by inducing himself into a state of hibernation. Green Light is capable of self-propelled flight at escape velocity. He can project blasts of highly concussive green, kinetic force from his hands. He can channel the same concussive force to give him flight by propelling himself through the air at great speeds, and he can maintain this thrust almost indefinitely.


FOOTNOTE: Based upon the cover character appearing on the one shot Double Comics , published by Gilberton/Eliott Publications. His creators are unknown.

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