Real Name: Frederick Carson

Aliases: Fred

Occupation: Electronics Engineer, Inventor.

Known Relatives: David(father), Rosemary(mother), Charlotte(sister)

Affiliations: Brenda Hastings, Champions

Enemies: General Ross Bradley, Warmonger, Baroness Blood, Basilisk, Achilles Prey.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: THE NEW CHAMPIONS #1

History: Fred Carson developed a solar-powered exoskeleton suit,for use by U.S. military purposes. General Ross Bradley ordered the raid on Fred's workshop, and the prototype suit was stolen, and the plans accidentally destroyed. Carson was left the only with the control helmet, still being Beta-tested. A second attempt lead him to battle the theives as Wonderman.

Powers & Weapons: The current version of the Wonderman battlesuit has a stealth-mode, his counterpart had developed which was immune to detection. Unlike the original suit, that depended only on its power supply, the new version is also solar-charged.

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