Agents: Agent Skylar(crain), Agent Slith(python), Agent Gregg(rooster), Agent Forrester(fox), Agent Vixen(bear), Agent Raqueal(squirrel), Agent Dusk(wolf), Agent Sheldon(tortise).


Purpose: To protect the environment from exploitation and destruction.

Enemies: A.X.E. Double agents.

First appearance: GRIZZ FURRY, AGENT OF F.O.R.E.S.T. #1

History: One by one, Grizz Furry brought other animals to a lake of mutagenic chemicals, and emerge them so that until he have an equal chance to survive, and organize into the group called F.O.R.E.S.T.

Powers & Weapons: Use specially designed assault paintguns which fire paint pellets or sleepgas.

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