Real name: Jon Todd

Aliases: Kid Deathspider

Occupation: Hacker.

Known Relatives: Valerie, mother.

Affiliations: Savage Seven, Veneer, Cyborg Pharaoh, Exterminator, Blue Gjinn, Fly, Cobra, Asp, Red Baron, Ex-Patriot, Unit H, Fire Ant, Elasticman, Manx, Chesspiece, Maximum Injustice.

Enemies: Deathspider, Momentum, Team Max, Maximum Justice.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: Deathspider Special #1

History: While Deathspider was field testing his mechanical legs, computer expert Jon Todd hacked into the systems and stole its programming. After 3-D printing Deathspider's mechanical spider legs, he constructed his own battlesuit and sought to team up with his hero. Deathspider did not like the fact that the teenager and bootlegged his gear, and the idea of a teen sidekick. Incensed, Todd change his alter-ego's name to Arachnoid and became Deathspider's enemy instead.

Powers & Weapons: Arachnoid wears a helmet that control the detachable mechanical legs.

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