Real Name: Nelson Garr

Aliases: None Known.

Occupation: Mercenary. Terrorist. Assassin-For-Hire.

Known Relatives: Rufus(father), Tammy(mother)

Affiliations: Bodycount, Red-Rum. Headshot.

Enemies: Maximum Justice, Patrioteer, Hawkwing, Maximum Maiden, Momentum, Team Max, Maximum Justice.

Base of Operation: Mobile.

First appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #3

History: Very little is known about the assassin known as Warmonger, but he is often heard saying that "peace is the ideal of the weak." He is willing to go any where as long there is bloodshed involved.

Powers & Weapons:Warmonger has no superhuman abilities, but he has trained his body to be in absolute peak physical condition. He is stronger, faster, more agile, and has better reaction time than any professional athlete. He is adept in all known forms of martial arts, and most forms of conventional hand weaponry. The costume he wears is nearly indestructible.

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