Real Name: David Hall

Aliases: Late Night Crusader

Occupation: Social Worker.

Known Relatives: Peter (father), Jean (mother), Douglas (brother)

Affiliations: Shadow Lady

Enemies: Munsinto Corporation, Beast, Bloodsplatter, Orion Paxton.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #1

History: Even before taking up the guise of Brother Midnight, David Hall was a two-fisted social worker, with the specialty of saving kids from a life of crime.

Powers & Weapons: Brother Midnight is an Olympic level gymnast and overall athlete, with special training in various methods of hand-to-hand combat. He is a superb marksman and a master strategist and organizer.
Brother Midnight has a bullet-resistant battlesuit, and he uses guns which can fire ordinary bullets, or cartridges which can release either sleeping gas or a caustic chemical.

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