Real Name: Samantha Tall-Tree

Aliases: Stardust.

Occupation: Student.

Known Relatives: Evan(father), Clara(mother), Brian(brother), Gale(sister)

Affiliations: Momentum

Enemies: Algor Mortis, Bilge, Blood Diamond, Bonesnapper, Cobra, Red Scorpion Gang.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: WHC COMICS PRESENTS #1

History: Solarflare’s vast knowledge of interplanetary science makes her the most remarkable woman who ever lived. Hier scientifically engineered powerband gives her controll over various types of radiation, making her mistress of space and planetary forces. Solarflare devotes her amazing skills to crime-busting and most frequently combats the evil forces of the terrorism. She also fights evil Orions, other space aliens, and mad scientists from time to time.

Powers & Weapons: Solarflare’s amazing array of superhuman abilities and gadgets. Solarflare's vast arsenal of rays and other scientific instruments enable her to perform virtually any feat.

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