Real name: Not Admissible

Occupation: Actress/ Dancer

Group Affiliation: MBC Studios

Base of Operations: Gateway City

Known Relatives: James, father. Cheryl, mother.

First appearance: DWAYNE MCFADDEN, BLACKWING #1(cameo), #3(full appearance)

History: Born in Chicago, Illinois, to a cotton manufacturer, Brown moved to the Gateway City when she was 11. She attended Josephine Baker High School and Truman University, both in Gateway City, Missouri, graduating from the university at the age of 19 with two degrees in aerospace engineering. An early fascination in automobiles led Crane to a job with the McDonnell-Douglass Company, then to his own NASA in Florida. She later abandoned the space after developing an interest in acting. She was hired by the Peerless Studio in New Gateway City, and became an assistant to the director Maurice Martin.

Crane plays the superheroine Lady Blackwing on the "Blackwing" television show.

Powers & Weapons: Yvette is a highly skilled ballerina and an award winning actress singer.

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