Real name: Nicholas Scratch

Occupation: Former beggar, thief, pirate and pauper; later terrorist leader for the Iron Plague.

Group Affiliation: Maximum Injustice

Base of Operations: Mobile

Known Relatives: Wilfred, father. Maxwell, brother.

First appearance: PATRIOTEER SPECIAL #1

History: After saving her planet from destruction, by the Omegans, Illyria want to join the crew of the deep space vessel Starview. To insure her return, her father swore her to an oath of celibacy, to 'protect' the 'lesser' species that she was surrounded by.

Powers & Weapons: Black Death is a genius at military, political, and subversive strategy. His brilliance was comparable to that of Alexander. Black Death is a excellent hand-to-hand combatant, and a skilled marksman with various forms of handguns. Black Death's most infamous personal weapon is his so-called "Black Plague." The chemical composition of this powder is unknown, but it kills a victim within seconds of making contact with his or her skin, causing the skin on the victim's head to tighten, shrivel, and take on a black discoloration, while causing all the hair on the victim's head to fall out. As a result, the victim's corpse appears to have had a "black death". While committing murders with this weapon, the Black Death often hummed, whistled, or played a tape recording of Beethoven's "Death Knocking At The Door". Black Death can fire his "black plague" from a custom designed handgun.

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