Crew: Christopher Rann(Captain), Noom(science advisor), Lt. Hymete Xulu(communications), Lt. Naoko Ahura(chief pilot), Lt. Pietro Chirco(naviator & tactical), Dr. LeAndre McAfee(chief of medical section), Ensign Kristene Temple(data analyst), Phyllis Colt(bosun), Altaira(pilot).

Commander: Captain Christopher Rann.

Purpose: The Starview is an enormous starcraft assigned to search the galaxy to find the lost tribes of the Human race whom have spread out among the stars after the great nuclear holocaust of the 21th century.

Enemies: Diablos, Queenell, Panthermen, Vulturemen, Saurians, Hyenamen, Apemen, Zorbrak, Vorlans.

First appearance: STARVIEWDSV #1

History: The crew of the deep space vessel Starview were trained in various specialties by the Deepspace Academy.

Equipment: Chariot. Shuttlecraft. Starfighter. Transmat. W1K1(robot).

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